Introducing Mr Hughes-Beddows…

As I currently sit here on a Saturday afternoon, watching the cricket while I write this, I feel a slight tinge of trepidation at sending out my thoughts and experiences into the blogosphere. As a History NQT, I often feel that I don’t necessarily have a “leg to stand on”, as it were, to talk about Teaching and Learning and educational theory, as I often think, “what can I, with my lack of front line experience, really say about teaching children!?” I believe that my somewhat naive view on teaching, from my position of being in the infancy of my career, can perhaps provide an insight into the feelings of an NQT in this current educational climate.

Like Mrs Lester, (who I thank for kindly letting me express my thoughts and musings on this blog), I feel extremely lucky to have fallen into my first teaching post at a school in Shropshire which is extremely positive and forward thinking when it comes to T&L. I honestly feel like a valued member of a teaching community rather than simply a lost, lonely soul trying to battle through to the next half-term holiday. What I hope this blog can do is to express our experiences from some fantastic CPD and current educational theory.

Throughout my training with the University of Cumbria and Salop Teaching Alliance, I had a fantastic mentor and tutor who was extremely enthusiastic about educational theory and creating a teaching community where teachers can come together and share ideas, and thus instilled this enthusiasm into me also. This is what I hope people can get out of my posts on this blog; that I am not trying to teach people to “suck eggs”, but simply throwing out my ideas to open up discussion and debate.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences, and my musings on this blog.

-Mr Hughes-Beddows

N.B – these views are purely my own, they do not represent any school I currently or have ever worked for. Where possible, when I mention another source I shall direct you to their website and/or other platforms. All information is correct at the time of posting.


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