CPD: Teacher Education Enhancement Program

In my relatively short time as a teacher, I have been lucky enough to attend a myriad of CPD. Shortly after joining my current school, we were told we would be having 4 of our PD days within 2 months of each other. “What!” we cried…

However, following the annual first day back PD day with notices, department meetings, room assignment, timetables etc, came 3 days of TEEP training, run by SSAT. This CPD changed my life, my practice and my outlook on my profession. I am not exaggerating.

Two consecutive days of training which “modelled the model”stuffed to the brim with activities, discussions, group work and ideas. I came away from “Level 1: part 1” excited, inspired and motivated. The best part was there was no divide in our training room, the Headteacher sat with NQTs, and staff who had taught from 2-22 years. It brought us together as a staff.

TEEP uses an usual way to enhance Teacher’s practice. Firstly the learning cycle is key, not only for planning but also for understanding how people learn – I say people because this is not just a learning journey for the students, we as staff went on that journey too. So there learning cycle, firstly it never occurred to me before, but learning is circular! What’s more, we can swing back and forth between stages, skip one, do the cycle 3 times in a lesson or once in a week. This blew my mind and changed the way I thought as lessons, schemes and topics.

I won’t go in to oodles of detail as I do not want to take anything away from you, if you have the chance to complete this training.

Day 1: Introduction to the TEEP Model and 5 elements of learning.

Day 2: Looking specifically at the learning cycle segments and how these can apply in a myriad of ways.

Day 3: (usually a few weeks/couple of months later, having had the opportunity to implement some ideas already) Effective Learner Behaviours and Effective Teacher Behaviours.

I felt this set up was perfectly timed for me. I also feel that I was exposed to this thinking at the perfect point in my career, it has spurred me to read books from all sort of pedagogical perspectives (see my reviews here) and explore, many different ideas.

Initially following the training I created a number if “slides” – a variety of TEEP inspired activities which could be dropped in to powerpoints as and when needed. I also started using the TEEP cycle arrows to help focus my planning on the cycle and also to think carefully about whether my teaching was hitting what my learners needed. I found I was making the common mistake of giving learners new info and expecting application immediately, with not time for construction.

This training is fantastic, I throughly recommend it. I am lucky enough to be in the process of compiling my TEEP portfolio, ready for attendance at Level 2 later this year. I aim to complete my L3 also which is becoming a trainer.

You can visit TEEP’s website here, and their Twitter handle is @TEEPSSAT