Sharing the Teaching Love…

I am a relatively new convert to Twitter. I love it. Not from a social climber, celebrity follower, cool person maker way, from a purely professional, educational networking kind of way. I am lucky to have been thrown in with some excellent people to follow.

I want to tell you why I think sharing the love on Twitter is awesome, and what it does for me.

  1. Networking: I have made connections with some fabulous education people such as Russell Tarr (creator of @russelltarr and Ross Morrison McGill AKA Teacher Toolkit (creator of @teachertoolkit. I have made contact with these two wonderful teachers both on and off Twitter. Russ invited me to submit a proposal for an international teaching conference in Toulouse in November, where I will be speaking about effective learner behaviours as inspired by TEEP. Ross has been a huge inspiration and actively helped me organise my own TeachMeet at my school.
  2. Exposure to ideas, resources and movements: I have come to discover WomenEd which is an amazing collection of women fighting the lack of females in leadership. As an inspiring Head/T&L coordinator I find their work crucial to my own career. I regularly share resources and blog posts, as do many others. Just today I found a new TEEP inspired strategy shared by @87history.
  3. Chatting: the professionals on twitter are all there for the same reasons as me, to share practice, resources and wisdom. To connect. We do this, as a collective, for our practice and our children. You can join in #chats on twitter, my particular favourites are #engchat and #sltchat. Both have designated topics and are hosted by one or more twitter users.

Now I think they are 3 flipping good reasons to sign up. Follow me @keeponteeping.


Introducing Mr Hughes-Beddows…

As I currently sit here on a Saturday afternoon, watching the cricket while I write this, I feel a slight tinge of trepidation at sending out my thoughts and experiences into the blogosphere. As a History NQT, I often feel that I don’t necessarily have a “leg to stand on”, as it were, to talk about Teaching and Learning and educational theory, as I often think, “what can I, with my lack of front line experience, really say about teaching children!?” I believe that my somewhat naive view on teaching, from my position of being in the infancy of my career, can perhaps provide an insight into the feelings of an NQT in this current educational climate.

Like Mrs Lester, (who I thank for kindly letting me express my thoughts and musings on this blog), I feel extremely lucky to have fallen into my first teaching post at a school in Shropshire which is extremely positive and forward thinking when it comes to T&L. I honestly feel like a valued member of a teaching community rather than simply a lost, lonely soul trying to battle through to the next half-term holiday. What I hope this blog can do is to express our experiences from some fantastic CPD and current educational theory.

Throughout my training with the University of Cumbria and Salop Teaching Alliance, I had a fantastic mentor and tutor who was extremely enthusiastic about educational theory and creating a teaching community where teachers can come together and share ideas, and thus instilled this enthusiasm into me also. This is what I hope people can get out of my posts on this blog; that I am not trying to teach people to “suck eggs”, but simply throwing out my ideas to open up discussion and debate.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences, and my musings on this blog.

-Mr Hughes-Beddows

N.B – these views are purely my own, they do not represent any school I currently or have ever worked for. Where possible, when I mention another source I shall direct you to their website and/or other platforms. All information is correct at the time of posting.

Introducing Mrs Lester…

As I sit here, on a Friday evening that marks the exact halfway point through this half term; I wonder whether colleagues will even have the time or energy to explore this little world of teaching and learning I hope to create. Then I consider the benefit that this blog will hopefully provide and I remain positive in my faith of my co-teachers.

I have been extremely lucky to fall into an excellent crowd of people in the twitter-sphere (@keeponteeping), so much so, that after a mere few months on Twitter, and less than a year as a regular contributor to resources on TES (mrshannahlester), I was approached by the organiser of the Practical Pedagogies Conference and asked to submit a proposal for a workshop.It occurred to me that I wanted to share my ideas and insights as widely as possible – the TES alongside Twitter’s 140 characters just weren’t enough space!

I am an enthusiastic teacher, trained in Art and Design but converted to English after my NQT year. I have taught in a special behaviour centre, and now happily teach away my days in a mainstream school in Shropshire.  I teach both KS3 & KS4 English and Art (roughly a 90:10 split) and have a passion for T&L that have been ignited by a wonderful mentor, Teaching and Learning Lead and Deputy Head in my current school.

Through some amazing CPD opportunities including TEEP training and OSIRIS courses; I have embraced new ways of teaching, and encouraged new ways to learn through a myriad of techniques and behaviours. I have also thrown myself into the twitter-sphere and am delighted to have come across fantastic people such as Te@cher Toolkit and Tips4Teaching. I also actively seek out T&L books to help improve and hone my craft. With this blog, I (and sometimes my NQT Colleague Dave @DaveHBeddows and TES davehbeddows) hope to record and share a slice of the T&L magic we are trying to create on a daily basis. I am also currently organising a TeachMeet for my school and Primary partners. More details to follow.

Therefore the plan is this: 4 posts a month each with a different focus. I intend to, for now, focus on the following 4 topics each month – a review of a T&L a focussed book or blog, a musing on a larger T&L related topic or CPD I have attended or organised, a practical activity that can be applied the next day and finally a slice of NQT/RQT experience of school life.

I hope you both enjoy and benefit from this little T&L world.

-Mrs Lester

N.B – these views are purely my own, they do not represent any school I currently or have ever worked for. Where possible, when I mention another source I shall direct you to their website and/or other platforms. All information is correct at the time of posting.